Victor Medina

Victor J. Medina is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and a Certified Financial Planner. He is the founder of Medina Law Group, and Palante Wealth Advisors (a financial planning and investment management firm). Victor has been practicing estate and elder law planning for over 15 years and is a certified adjunct practice advisor through Atticus, the premiere attorney-coaching company in the United States, where he facilitates group coaching programs for over 70 attorneys. He is the author of 5 books on estate and elder law planning, the host of a popular radio show, and a frequent speaker and lecturer to attorneys, CPAs, and the general public. He is also an unabashed Apple fanboy, unable to resist the siren song of newest shiny toy that Apple releases. He’s a fan of the RedSox, the Patriots, and bourbon…the order depends on the day.