Sohaila Handlesmen

Sohaila has spent the last 40+ years as a professional Belly dance artist and Entrepreneur, traveling the world where many just dream of going. She is the founder of Sohaila International, an umbrella platform for Empowering women in all levels of their life, thru body, mind and fitness. She believes that being the CEO of your own life is a choice and it’s very important to her to assist other phenomenal women and change their mindset to find the CEO inside them too, and today more than ever is the time to reach as many women as possible. I believe when we are empowered, we empower others. It’s all about Creating, Engineering and Organizing YOUR life to success. Sohaila coaches women leaders with her proven and researched based structure to get CLARITY OF PURPOSE AND DIRECTION, GAIN UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE and UNLOCK THEIR UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS to ATTRACT A FLOOD OF THEIR IDEAL CLIENTS. This in turn guides them to be all that they can be thru their body, mind and their souls purpose. You bet that we can be strong in the board room, and yet be that beautiful woman to potentially win.