Marni Melrose

After leaving Apple in 2002, Marni launched her own business, supporting people who used Apple Macintosh computers. In 2004 she specialized in implementing & training people on the Daylite productivity suite. She became the world-leading implementor of Daylite and won a few awards for marketing and implementing Daylite. In 2012 Citrix had just acquired Podio and was looking for aggressive partners. They asked her to be one of 18 Preferred Podio Partners. In 2015 she took a break from implementations altogether. She started doing digital marketing and business coaching because she found that often companies needed help with these things more than they needed new software. After handling a maximum of 640K per month in media spend per month for her clients, it became abundantly clear that the highest value was in coaching the business itself. In the 18 years and 500+ companies that she worked with, she saw that throwing money at a problem doesn't always solve it. She was also frustrated with all the tools that she had used over the years because she always had to wrangle them to get them to do what she wanted and they did it poorly, so in 2020 she decided that it was time to build her own platform for coaching her clients and for other coaches to use with their clients too. That's how EntireTask was born.