Kit Volcano

When you google Kit Volcano you get this: The Volcano Making Kit is a hands-on science project that provides you the tools and materials to create and erupt your own personal volcano. You must provide your own spicy vinegar and rising agent to activate it from within. This, in a nutshell, is Kit Volcano. Kit is an internationally known coach, speaker, and healer based in San Diego, Ca. He is the CEO and Master Coach of The Little Volcano, and a best selling author alongside his wife Rosie Volcano. They host their own special blend of transformation, healing, mischief, and magic which often includes transforming your childhood wounds and eating chocolate cake out of strangers' belly buttons. Kit delights in pushing the edge of peoples' comfort zones in service to everyone experiencing ultimate freedom, joy, and expansion. As part of his mission to set people free, Kit constantly and fearlessly trail-blazes new pathways for others that they may have never seen as possible. In his most recent adventure he became a Dad to a sweet new human with his wife and 2 other gay co-parents. Together they are redefining what is possible with great vision, stellar communication, and love. He is known for his fun, playful, lighthearted style, his courageous commitment to others, and helping others discover their true magic. He has shared the stage of the Dolby Theatre with Kyle Cease, has a 100% hot seat average at Abraham Hicks. He travels the world speaking and hosting transformational events as well as leading intimate and highly supportive group online coaching programs. Kits Area of Expertise: Kit is known as the scream/roar whisper. Since 2013 has been teaching quiet housewives and repressed men how to unleash their inner lion...while standing on coffee shops. Kit's Super Power: Holding you 100% responsible for everything you create in your life. Kit's Gifts: Play, Mischief, Tomfoolery, and surprise you with the back door entrance to your brilliance, power and joy that you never knew existed.