David Bradley

Training Facilitator and 10X Coach with Cardone Training Technologies. Grant Cardone's training/mindset took me from barely surviving to living a life I once thought was a pipe dream. My mission is to give this life-changing content to you and your team and help you use it to grow your business. I am the author of the book "How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone." This is the book you read when you need to streamline the process and just stop smoking. If you're tired of being hooked, tired of the smell, the morning cough, This is the book to finally help you kick the habit before the habit leads to you kicking the bucket! StopDontQuit.com for more on that. I am also the founder of RichMansGym.com. The Strength and Conditioning blog for body, mind and spirit. Train Anywhere! Rich Man's Gym is about getting in the best shape of your life anywhere and being a the best human possible. Bottom line: How can I help you become even greater than you already are?