Alexandra Cousins

Alex’s passion has always been in health and human optimisation. From the age of 5 she was obsessed with finding out what was the source of dis-ease. Her own health struggles drove her to study Ayurveda in India in her early 20’s where she was initiated into a high level of natural healing. Her path later took deep into nutritional studies with various healers and teachers, whilst consulting to some of the most prestigious Spa’s in the world; but somehow the deeper answers she was seeking still eluded her. Alex took a break from working in the healing arts and dove into high fashion for a few years before the radical breakdown of her own health took her back into healing; but this time from a whole new perspective. It took her deepest health crisis to bring it all together and initiate Alex into a whole new way of looking at health and life in a body. “One of the truest healers of her time who fully embodies her teachings” is how Alex has most often been described due to her 360 degree approach to healing our lives on all levels.