Akshay Sateesh

Experience: For 7 years, Akshay was a Business Development Manager and Project Leader at an incubator at DuPont BioMedical (Applied Biosciences), where he led product development teams to launch medical device implants for surgeries. During his career at DuPont, he led two product development teams through Phase I and II animal studies, and developed collaborative partnerships to take the medical devices to market. His passion for leading others jumpstarted his innovative approach to leadership development. In 2010, Akshay founded Ziksana Consulting, an innovative leadership development firm that activates the world of work through play. He has facilitated, consulted, and coached in leadership development, innovation, and team culture for adults and children in the U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, India, Kuwait, and South Africa. His company is focused on technology, life sciences, and customer service industries. Ziksana Consulting has worked with companies like Qualcomm, Receptos, Invetech, Tektronix, AbbVie, Hilton Worldwide, LeaseLabs, and Leica Biosystems. Ziksana Consulting also collaborates with schools and non-profits to develop life skills and character development curriculums, exposing children and teachers to creative problem-solving, empathy, and motivation. The company has also worked with children and adults with disabilities by using theater as therapy to aid in their abilities to express emotions and develop relationships. Current Role: Akshay is the Founder and CEO of Ziksana Consulting and has served as Faculty with the Center for Creative Leadership and the Centre for Organization Effectiveness. Background: Akshay Sateesh was born in India, was raised in Malaysia, and now lives in San Diego. Akshay holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a Master’s in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego, focusing on Organization Development and Group Dynamics. Akshay has been a professional improvisation actor since 2003. He is a founding member of the Philadelphia N-Crowd, a short-form improvisation group that performs weekly in Philadelphia and performed professionally with the Stage Monkeys of San Diego for 4 years. Akshay loves photography, playing tennis, diving, and traveling the world with his family.

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