Creating a vision is your first step to achieving your goals

It inspires you to see your life as you want it to be and gives you ideas for how you can get there. Read below for 4 steps to building your vision board and then sign up for a free trial to be guided.

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4 steps to building your vision board


Define your vision for your life

When you enter EntireTask you will be taken to your life areas.

* Health
* Financial
* Recreation
* Spiritual
* Environment
* Household
* Relationships
* Intellect
* Family
* Creativity

Here you can create a vision for how you want your life to look in each area. The world is your oyster what will you create?

*These areas were determined by a survey of real live people.
How to create your vision for your life
Determine your integrity for that area

Align your vision Statement

Determine just the right amount of dynamic tension in your vision statement

Decide what is really important in your life

Find out what area of your life is causing you the most stress so that you can focus on and overcome it. Our algorithm will make your goals*, projects* and tasks* in that area your highest objective.

Set how happy you are currently
Determine your integrity for that area

Choose your images to represent your vision

Choose 4 images to represent your life the way you want it to be.

Completed Vision Board

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