Most tools forget about YOUR goals

They forget business IS personal. Wondering why it's so hard to connect your goals with your daily activities? Most tools out there only give you projects and tasks for your business. But what about your personal goals and dreams as well? That's like being in the trees without being able to see the forest.

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Do you have #busyitis?

Are the things on your todo list connected to your goals? If not, why are you doing them? Probably because you are too busy earning a living to build a life.

Too busy
EntireTask Goals

Take control of your life & reach your goals

EntireTask makes it easy and fun to keep your goals front and center. It will help you rank your goals according to what is most important in your life right now, and because it's digital it's super easy to update and change.

With the EntireTask Success System you will know
  •   What it takes to complete your goals
  •   What things might hold you back from achieving your goals
  •  How achieving your goals will affect others
  •   Who you will become once you achieve your goals
  •   How certain you are that you can achieve your goals and what resources you need

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