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There are two sides to our business. The Saas, which helps people achieve their goals faster and the coaching marketplace which helps you find a coach to help you reach your goals.
We designed the Saas because after 18 years of implementing other systems. We wanted to create something that worked the way we work with our clients and the way they think it should work. On the Coaching Marketplace side, we noticed that most coaches would rather coach than build a website and set up and do marketing. Visit our roadmap and vote on the features you want. Don't see something you want, submit it and if enough people vote on it, we'll build it!

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"I was always frustrated with all the tools that I have used over the years, I could never get them to do what I wanted because of the way they were built. In 2020 I was fed up and decided to build my own platform for coaching my clients and for others coaches to do the same. There really hasn't been a tool that works for our industry. I am out to change that."
Marni Melrose, Founder
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Marni Melrose

Our Story

Our CEO, Marni Melrose started in technology in 1989 after leaving Canada with her C+ Programming Certificate. She moved to New Zealand. She worked for Apple first as a Service Technician then as a Service Manager and later as Genius in San Diego when Apple opened their first stores in the United States.

In 2002 she left Apple and started her own business MacAngel, where she became a world leading implementer of CRM and productivity tools of well known companies and products like Marketcircle Daylite and Citrix Podio.

After implementing and training over 500 companies over 12 years she started noticing that often companies needed help with more than their technology and she started coaching her clients.

Marni has taken everything she liked and disliked about the tools that she's implemented and built something that really works to help her coaching clients get results. We hope you like it!