About Marni Melrose


Founder and Lead Coach

After leaving Apple in 2002 I launched my own business supporting people who used Apple Macintosh computers. In 2004 I specialized in implementing & training people on the Daylite productivity suite. In 2012 Citrix asked me to be one of their Preferred Podio Partners. In 2015 I took a break from implementations and started doing digital marketing and business coaching because I found that often companies needed help with these things more than they needed new software. After handling 640K per month in media spend per month for my clients, it became abundantly clear to me that the highest value I could offer my clients was in coaching the business itself. Throwing money at a problem, doesn't always solve it and I saw this over and over again in the 18 years and 500+ companies that I worked with. 

I also was frustrated with all the tools that I have used over the years, because I always had to wrangle them to get them to do what I wanted and they did it poorly, so in 2020 I decided that it was time to just build my own platform for coaching my clients and for other coaches to use with their clients too. There really hasn't been a tool out there that works for our industry. I am out to change that. 

I Am Your Secret Weapon

There are very few people like me

  • 146 IQ
  • INTJ-A 
    • One of the rarest personality types on the planet. They make up just two percent of the population, and women with this personality type are especially rare, forming only 0.8%
      • Quick, Imaginative, and Strategic Mind
      • High Self-Confidence
      • Independent & Decisive
      • Hard-working & Determined
      • Open-Minded
      • Jack-of-all-Trades
  • My personality type is DISC Dc (Architect). I tend to remove emotions from decision-making as much as possible, valuing efficiency and logic over intuition or social proof. I'm most energized by personal space, independence, and providing feedback.
  • Very technically inclined yet able to simplify and explain complex things. 
  • Millionaires and Billionaires hire me because of my honesty and discretion. 

My Top 5 Personal Strengths

I work on myself constantly, always trying to live up to my potential, yet I have learned how to take care of myself.

I hire great coaches, to help me be my best for my clients and customers.

  • Entiretask

    “Excellent facilitator, excellent guide into new apps and programs to help organize my companies, a very facile mind combined with a lovely attitude make working with Marni a joy and a stimulating pleasure . She rocks , in other words.”

  • Entiretask

    “Marni gave me much more than I expected! She not only helped me to achieve my goal but gave extra value in the form of a tool that will help me and my clients. Thanks Marni!”


  • Entiretask

    “So many times at the beginning, I wanted to fuss, argue, reset. Well needless to say, I needed to be less the boss and more the student! Marni has helped me as an entrepreneur who is part of many organizations, create apps that have been in the making for years. Change is hard, but worth it. And we have made more money.”

    Mentor & Coach for Creatives

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