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EntireTask Helps You Achieve Your Business & Life Goals

Spend time on the things that create value for you and everyone you care about and love. Take control of your life and your business.
We interview goal getters every week, on clarity, power & follow through; listen to their stories
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who we work with

We work with people who have big lives and are up to big things in the world. People who don't follow the status quo and want to create and live their lives according to their own values. They use our software to get clarity on their vision, and accountability buddies or coaches to get the power to follow-through and achieve their goals.

Our customers are eudiamons, "good souls" who are trying to make a better world for themselves, their families and the world.

Leaders who want to be able to connect their long term vision with their daily activities.

We're building software a new way, your way

We're releasing components one at a time and getting solid customer feedback to improve at every stage. Be part of something different. We can't say we'll build everything you want, but we will build what the majority of your want. Be active, let us hear your voice. Additionally our advisors specialize in helping people reach goals and our Northstar is just that. We'll build what really works for our users to get them where they want to go in the world.

No more processing your stuff
Our software is unique in that it keeps the most important things to you at the top of all of your lists with it's algorithm, gone are the days of processing your tasks. EntireTask does it for you.
Get the big picture
Ease and simplicity are important to business owners and they want to have one screen to see the big picture, our Roadmap gives it to them
Reach your goals alone, with a friend, your team, or hire a coach
We are the first company that combines the software to plan your vision, goals, projects, and tasks while connecting with other users for free as accountability buddies or hiring our specialized coaches when you get stuck or want to go further faster, like an olympic athlete.
Network with other goal getters
Share your intentions to achieve a goal or when you've completed a goal and receive support from others on the platform who are working on their goals too. You can remain incognito too, it's up to you.
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Our core components


Quickly add tasks and notes from different sources to use in achieving your goals.


Have you found it hard to connect your long term goals to your short term projects and tasks?
Well, no more. Our unique roadmap is set up the way your brain thinks.


Available now

EntireTask will help you build the vision for your life and your business. Then it turns it into a beautiful vision board.


Track your events and view objects on the calendar.



Gain absolute clarity on the goals you have in each area of your life.


Write your notes and simply share them with people by mentioning them. Use a hashtag to add them to an area or a slash to attach them to a project.



Attach projects to your goals and set a priority for each, additionally each project will have a weighted priority based on the area of your life and the goal.


Work with teams in a whole new way, instead of fractionating your world. Simple allow people to see what you want.



Our algorithm ensures you get the important stuff done first and save the busy stuff for last.


Manage your network of companies and people that can help you get to where you want to go.

privacy and security

We pride ourselves on securing our customers information

We do not share your information with anyone and we do our best to ensure security internally.

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